How Does the Whole Thing Work?


Drive-away is a one-way delivery.  Quality Drive Away, Incorporated will match drivers with all types of drive-away vehicles to be driven off a manufacture's lot and taken to a dealership somewhere throughout the United States and Canada.  Many drive-aways go from one major city to another.  If your goal is to get from Goshen to a small town near Los Angeles, you can probably get a drive-away to LA.  Once you deliver the unit you will be responsible for finding your own transportation back to your original destination or reload from one of our other 23 pickup locations!

You are allowed to tow a light-weight vehicle behind most of our freight to provide means of returning home, but if you do not have one, you can still do this type of work using public transportation.  If you use public transportation, be flexible about cities for departure and arrival and leave yourself lots of time, as there’s no guarantee that a drive away to your chosen destination will be available when you need it.